Space, 1889

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92 Space, 1889. In 1887, during the Golden Anniversary of Queen Victoria's reign, Professor Derringer of the Royal Society did discover the Ether Flyer, and, accompanied by his young assistant, did make the first voyage beyond the realm's of Earth's gravity, visiting the far side of the Moon where he did implant the British flag. Word of his achievement soon spread around the world, and Derringer's invention was soon common knowledge to all nations. The colonization of the Solar System had begun. The moon was quickly partitioned by Britain, France, Belgium and Germany, with small areas being doled out to America, Spain and Austria-Hungary. Luna proved neither hospitable nor profitable, and soon Imperial eyes turned towards Mars, Venus and the other members of the Solar System. Discoveries of indigent intelligences on Mars and Venus sparked growing trade wars, and human agents attempted to set up their trading posts among the natives, while limiting the availability of same to their competitors. The hostility amongst the nations of Earth inevitably fanned into the Great Solar War; not only were the gigantic Ether Dreadnaughts engaged in great cosmic battles, but the small trading companies enlisted the natives for raiding parties against their rivals. Battles large and small were fought on Earth, in the clear ether, and on far-distant outposts of civilization. Meanwhile, the normally placid natives of Mars and Venus had grown irate at the highhanded manner of the Earthlings and rose in revolt. The end of the Great Solar War would see the old order fall and a new order rise in its place. Space, 1889 would include a colorful 22"x34" mapsheet of the solar colonies and Earth, a smaller tactical display map for resolving combat, 400 counters, and a rules booklet with numerous scenarios and 'background' information, re-creating the 10 year long struggle. A boxed game would sell for $15-18.

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