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As a collector and fan of the Space 1889 franchise you are confronted with a decade spanning history of published and republished material to look into. You might be interested to find out in what books or magazines a certain character was described in. Or you might be a referee looking to find illustrations, maps or plot hooks for your group of adventurers in their current locale.

This site is intended to help you find (and ideally acquire) such material.


This site is built using OntoWiki, a software designed to work with an Ontology, a computer readable knowledge graph, in a similar way as a traditional Wiki system would with hypertext (versioning of changes, permissions, etc.). Compared to a traditional Wiki system this allows for much more structured and guided information entry and, as a side effect, automatically links all of these pieces of information with each other. Ontologies more closely represent the way humans store knowledge then relational databases. And thanks to semantic tagging, this information is also encoded into the generated HTML for third party systems, like search engines, to access.

For example, the sentence "Frank Chadwick is author of Space: 1889." represents the relationship between Mr. Chadwick and the book Space: 1889. The book should therefore list Chadwick as its author and Chadwicks page should include Space: 1889 as one of his books. While this would be implicit to a human creating these pages manually, filling this information into an ontology allows software to do the same automatically.

Apart from this website, which is driven by OntoWiki's site extension, OntoWiki also provides a backend to not only manage the data within the ontology, but also to perform more complex queries using the SPARQL query language.